Cartooning Secrets From A Hollywood Animator

Cartooning Secrets From A Hollywood Animator
Cartooning Secrets From A Hollywood Animator
1 hour
€ 52.00 

Using tricks Gene learned working at Hollywood animation studios, he will show you how to draw the cartoon head from every angle, how to add facial expressions and how to create your own cartoon character. Even if you think you can't draw, you will find a hidden talent you didn't know you had. You will also play a game to loosen yourself up and help you see like a cartoonist.

All you need to bring to the session is a pencil, an eraser, some cheap copy paper and a sense of humour.

Get to know your host

Gene is an animator whose current animated feature Hell Toupee is streaming on Tubi. He worked in Hollywood for Hanna-Barbera (Smurfs and Superfriends), Ralph Bakshi (Lord of The Rings), Colossal Pictures (Liquid Television) and Art Clokey (Gumby). He has taught animation at Academy of Art in San Francisco. In the 80s he did storyboards and animation in music videos for Michael Bolton (Everybody's Crazy), Howard Jones (I'd Like To Get To Know You Well) the title song of Big Trouble In Little China.  He also worked in the art department for Roger Corman and James Cameron on the film Battle Beyond The Stars.  He wrote the book How To Get A Job In Animation and Keep It. He has taught since 1978.  As he learns new things, he likes to pass the knowledge onto others.  He loves seeing the look on someone's face when they realize they can do something they never thought they could.

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