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Founded in 2021, beamya is a Zurich-based online experiences marketplace that helps companies build better relationships at work. We will re-imagine the way you work with your colleagues and make it funnier, simpler and better.

Our marketplace brings together the best-in-class hosts across the world with employers from companies of all sizes, from global corporations to start-ups. To make that happen, beamya is composed of a smart team based across Switzerland.

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Julia Trojanowska - Founder at beamya

Julia Trojanowska

Mireia Escaich - Junion Marketing Manager at beamya

Mireia Escaich

Sales & Marketing
Rosana Filgueira - Marketing Manager at beamya

Rosana Filgueira

Product & Marketing
Cristina Rubies - Junior Content Manager at beamya

Cristina Rubies

Junior Content Manager
Gabriel Wetter Business Advisor at beamya

Gabriel Wetter

Business Advisor
Lena Bödeker Business Advisor at beamya

Lena Bödeker

Business Advisor

Meet Julia, our founder

When I was working in different remote teams in Asia, I had hardly any chances to build real connections with my colleagues from overseas. As a result, I felt like an outsider, excluded and lonely, which had a great impact on my mental well being.

But there’s a way to create a positive employee experience. The key to a successful remote work organization is to bring together teams who feel valued and supported in an organization.

That’s why beamya was born. A marketplace for team building experiences designed for doing and not just watching, to grow together, create shared memories and generate impactful team bonds.

In other words: beamya is the key driving force to creating a truly amazing team.

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